The Family Ruffoni produces hand-woven carpets since 1935.
The hallmark of Ruffoni products is the use of traditional Valtellina "Pezzotti" tecnique, together with continuous stylistic research.


The carpets Ruffoni arise from long experience and collaboration with professionals and artists.
The creation of products made ​​entirely by hand and the exclusive use of natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, velvet and chenille, are the foundations of Ruffoni Carpets philosophy.

In particular the use of velvet for the warp and linen yarn for the weft, are among the strengths of the production. These materials are very valuable, but at the same time they have undoubted difficulties of working. A ​​velvet and linen made carpet, is undeniably a high value piece of furniture style of great artistic value.
The Ruffoni company manufactures carpets, in three different types of processing: with traditional cotton weft, with "SUDAN" cotton weft and with linen weft, each of them can be combined with different fabrics, which are the warp (cotton, selvedge cotton, wool, twisted wool, chenille, velvet).


Warp: The "Strip", the set of "stripes" ,which intertwined with the weft at right angles to form the fabric.
Weft: a set of wires, stretched longitudinally on the chassis, designed to intersect with the warm to form the fabric.